In the area of entertainment dancing has become very popular. Programmes such as
"So you think you can dance," "Dancing with the Stars," and the new programme "Let's dance" are examples of this.
These days, artists also more often use a dance group to elevate their show to a higher level.

It's impossible to imagine the entertainment world today without dancing, and that's why I am certain you'll select Roxy Entertainment.
Let the world dance!!
Roxy Entertainment is a casting agency in the area of dancing. We have versatile dancers available who have a thorough command of multiple dance styles and can be fully utilised for items such as:

- Company parties
- Fashion-shows
- Video clips
- Theme parties
- Concerts/shows

We offer dancers covering the following styles:
- Female and male Go-Go dancers
- Street dancing
- Hip hop/ Urban
- Break dancing
- Jazz/ Show dancing

Custom made concepts:
Roxy Entertainment is pleased to assist you with the fleshing out of a spectacular and original entertainment programme. You contact us with information regarding the location, and the number of male and/or female dancers, etc. and we immediately get to work for you. If you would like to have a certain theme, we of course take this into account. If you do not have a concrete theme yet we can always set you up. We'll offer you a number of options from which you can make a selection.
We shall then convert your requirements and desires as specifically as possible into a complete programme.
Roxy Entertainment has its own choreographer and cosmetology available.
We also take care of the costumes to complete your request as much as possible.
For an informal offer or an introductory talk, please email or contact us immediately.

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