Name:                        Roxanne Boorsma
Age:                            24 years
Date of birth:            10-10-1985
Address:                   Hoofddorp, the Netherlands
Nationality:               Dutch


In 2006 I graduated as a dance performer from the CIOS MBO dancing academy in Haarlem and majored in Jazz dance, Street dance, and Modern dance.
Afterwards I taught a number of years at different dancing schools in the Netherlands and in doing this acquired a lot of experience.
I taught different age categories from starting 5 up to and including 40 years of age and going all the way from the beginning to advanced levels.
However, I wanted to advance and use my creativity, so I decided to apply for a job as a choreographer for different types of performing orders.
Then finally my perseverance was rewarded and my dream came true.

I was asked by the Dutch Versity organisation to take care of the opening act of the Martin Luther King Award presentation in the Heineken Music Hall.
On account of the many positive reactions to this show I wanted to continue working in similar jobs and have now turned this into my profession. I currently work as a choreographer and am the proud owner of Roxy Entertainment.

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